The Marshall Islands Red Cross Society




We depend on others so that we can in turn help others.
For those who wish to donate to the Marshall Islands Red Cross Society, here's how:

Make checks payable to:

The Marshall Islands Red Cross Society
PO Box 2014, Room 156 MIR
Majuro, MH 96960

Phone in the Marshall Islands: 692-625-0340

If you wish your donation to work for a specific project or cause, please
click on the "Activities" link on this website to get an idea
about what projects we participate in,
then simply let
us know when you send us a check.
We will be fully audited each year beginning in September of 2017
and will be happy to provide a copy of our audit once it is completed to any
donor or potential donor.

Questions? Contact:

Jack Niedenthal
Secretary General of the Marshall Islands Red Cross Society
Email: jack.niedenthal@rmiredcross.org
Phone in the RMI: 692-455-3177


Telbi Jason
Adminstrative Officer
Email: telbi.jason@rmiredcross.org

Phone in the RMI: 692-625-0340